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“Why Global Warming is a Controversial Issue” -Article


Despite the complete agreement of the world’s leading scientists that the Earth’s temperature is rising, many continue to judge Climate Change as a theory or at worst: a hoax. Is this disunion between public and scientific opinion a result of misinformation or a result of limited availability of information? After reading the article post a comment regarding the points Philander makes in classifying Climate Change as a Controversial topic. Do you agree with his opinion? How long do you believe before the world decides to take action against the causes of Global Warming, and will it be a result of growing confidence in the world’s scientists or necessity?



  1. aroshii

    When people are presented with an escape from the truth, they inevitabily take that route instead of confronting it. It isn’t until that the truth is looming right before them and a solution is being demanded, that they take action against it. For now, with the ideas of global climate change being considered as a hoax among many citizens, there will be little effort from many for the time being.

    • Unfortunately, considering how many Americans consider Global Climate Change to be either unsupported or a distant reality, I am apt to agree with you. My only concern is how the public is able to dismiss the supporting research and data published by the scientific community, in which they should have greater faith than their own minimal understanding of the topic at hand. Perhaps it is simply easier to deny it’s existence rather than invest the effort to make a positive change. Whatever the reasons, I do not believe much will change until they are effected directly.

  2. I’m not commenting on whether or not I agree or disagree with global warming; however, I think that the revitalized focus on recycling and creating new environmentally friendly products is a positive that has come out of this movement. Despite whether or not someone believes in global warming, I think that it’s a responsibility that society needs to take on to make sure that the resources we have now are not depleted more and more every year.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you, as it has been clear for several decades now that our resources cannot last without some manner of renewability. Thankfully recent advances in green-technology have provided alternatives that help to protect the environment, are more cost-efficient and produce more jobs. It should be a major concern for our generation to seek ways in which to preserve natural resources for future generations, especially as the global population only continues to grow.

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